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New Tool for States to Block Action Civics and CRT

The South Dakota letter of intent warning state bureaucrats to avoid federal grants in history and civics is a model for other states seeking to push back against leftist action civics and Critical Race Theory in the classroom.

Noem Pledges to Bar Action Civics and Critical Race Theory

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem has given major momentum to a new candidate pledge that not only vows support for honest and informed patriotic education, but promises to bar “action civics” and critical race theory from our schools.

Wanted: Republicans Willing To Betray The Ruling Class

The GOP needs people who put a Harvard or Yale diploma in a cheap frame in the basement and then go stick it to their former classmates.

Kristi Noem’s Mistake on Fairness in Girls’ Sports

The South Dakota governor has vetoed a bill designed to ensure that female athletes aren’t forced to compete against biological men.

Pro-Life Campaign to Curb Down-Syndrome Abortions Gains Steam

At the state and federal levels, proposals banning abortion on the basis of a prenatal Down-syndrome diagnosis are making progress.