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Pro-Life Democrats Ask the DNC to Moderate on Abortion

Given Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s radically pro-abortion views, Democrats are unlikely to change the party platform.

Rewriting History on Harris vs. Biden

Joe Biden’s new running mate has suggested he supported segregation and was guilty of inappropriately touching women.

The Three Big Winners of the Houston Debate

Thursday’s Democratic debate lacked the sparks and conflicts that characterized the first two outings. It nonetheless produced three clear winners: former vice president Joe Biden, Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.).

The Bus Back to the Future

It seemed a little odd that Kamala Harris brought up the long-ago subject of busing during a 2019 Democratic debate. Presidential candidates usually wish to deal in new ideas. Busing is a period piece.

Is Joe Biden Vulnerable, or Are the Democrats?

Making busing an issue again is a strategic and a policy mistake by the Democrats.

Progressive Candidates Help One Person: Trump

Democratic analysts look at President Trump’s low job approval ratings in swing Midwestern states and are confident they can retake them. New polling data show how misplaced that sanguine calm is.

The Ever-Present Totalitarian Temptation

In several states, efforts are underway to drive pro-life Americans to the margins of public life and to coerce the consciences of pro-life physicians and nurses. Those initiatives illustrate a hard truth: The totalitarian impulse can rear its ugly head in well-established democracies like the United States.

Start Your Primary Engines

The race for the Democratic 2020 Presidential nomination has already started in earnest.

The Blue Wall

Donald Trump is president because he broke the “blue wall” in the Rust Belt. But Democrats performed very well in most of those states in the midterms, raising expectations that they can retake the region and thereby deny Trump reelection. And a close read of the returns gives reason for hope and concern on both sides.

Memo to Democrats: Upholding Norms Is a Two-Way Street

At the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Senate Democrats have undermined the decency they claim to uphold.