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Before Reporting Became ‘Journalism’

It would be silly to idealize the old journalism, which had its problems, including excessive deference to authority and massive sins of omission in the scope of its curiosity; anyway, it belonged to a different world. But it had this virtue: The work, subduing the ego of the reporter, implied respect for the independent mind of the reader.

Journalism Dies in Self-Importance

As Ted Koppel has recognized, today’s media embrace the darkness of their own biases.

Lost Souls

It seems that not only the White House Correspondents’ Association but also journalism itself needs to think about the state of its soul and needs, so to speak, to refresh its theology.

Time Runs Out

Henry Luce’s America met its demise decades ago. Now, with the sale of Time Inc., Luce’s once-mighty imperial fleet will be broken up and sold for scrap.

American Journalism as an Institution

Journalism faces a crisis of public confidence, a crisis of integrity and trust. While complaints about the media naturally fall into the grooves of popular rejection of elite authority, they often have at least as much to do with skepticism about the integrity of the mainstream media as with its power.

The Media Has Been Reporting Fake News about Castro and Cuba for Years

While the media melts down over “fake news,” Castro’s death generates more of it.

After the Fact

In journalism today, bias is giving way to mere advocacy because the political culture has again become (rhetorically, at least) revolutionary — which is the only way so establishment a figure as Hillary Clinton can claim to be the candidate of “change.”