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A Stupid Anti-Israel Policy

And an awful speech by John Kerry.

Why the Paris Climate Deal is a Total Sham

In the end, the process sabotaged itself. In the end, getting great headlines and photo-ops mattered more than actually reducing carbon emissions.

What Catholics Forget About World Affairs

For quite some time now, commentary on world politics by leading Catholic officials, here and at the Vatican, has been marked by a certain softness, occasionally bordering on the surreal, that is a continual amazement to non-Catholics in the more Realist sectors of the foreign-policy community.

Islam as a Victim Civilization

The Obama administration’s refusal to speak plainly about Islamic extremism goes beyond moral equivalence; it seems to border on self-hatred.

Borrowed Valor

Spawned in the Vietnam era, the modern Left cut its teeth defaming America, and prominent liberals continue to deny American soldiers their due honor.

The Unbelievably Small War

It would be terrible to put our troops in harm’s way with no clear objective; it would be far worse to ask them to kill in an unjustified war.