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John Kasich’s 2020 Dream

For John Kasich, winning in 2020 would require persuading some of the more centrist voters who voted for Clinton or Trump in 2016 to jump ship. The policies that Kasich has so far proposed, however, are not likely to do the trick.

Cruz Is the Only Candidate Who Can Take on Trump

Whoever defeats Donald Trump for the Republican nomination will have to, at some point, demonstrate the courage to tangle with him – however unpleasant those encounters may be. It’s very late, and John Kasich remains AWOL in that struggle.

Cruz Must Be the Anti-Trump

Is there any way for Ted Cruz or John Kasich to wrest the Republican nomination from Donald Trump? With every tick of the clock, it looks less likely.

What the Republican Debates Should Be About

The moderators of the next GOP presidential debate should steer the conversation toward their substantive disagreements, not trivialities or personal attacks and accusations.

Money and Inequality

Though most economic inequality–both between and within countries–is due to differences in what Nobel economics laureate Theodore W. Schultrz called ‘human capital’,’ the current monetary system also breeds systematic economic inequality among American households.

What the GOP Candidates Should Say on Health Care

It will not be enough for the Republican candidates to issue general denunciations of the ACA. They must explain clearly why it is misguided and what they would do instead.

Why Kasich Matters (and Could Win)

Ohio Governor John Kasich is slowly positioning himself to become the person most likely to surprise and break out of the crowded GOP primary pack.

Jeb Bush, Vanilla Conservative

There’s reason to wonder if the “Republican vanilla” brand will prove to be as popular with both primary- and general-election voters in 2016 as it has in the past.