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Robert A. Mundell: A Renewed Appreciation

Even the closest friends of the late Nobel laureate Robert Mundell struggled to convey exactly why Mundell was regarded as a great economist, even by those who have disagreed with him.

America Enters a Jacques Rueff Moment

As President Trump charts his course back to prosperity, the confusing economic situation is signaling that the best sage for him to consult would be Jacques Rueff.

Sexual Healing

Jennifer Roback Morse’s The Sexual State provides a comprehensive, well-documented analysis of the Sexual Revolution and outlines what seems to be a more livable and politically viable alternative.

Why Public-Assistance Programs Should Have More Stringent Work Mandates

It is natural to feel compassion for those less fortunate than we are. But benefits should be concentrated in programs that have the least disincentive effect to recipients’ employment in the labor market. Work, after all, leads to both higher incomes and greater human dignity.

Don’t Make America Great Britain

Don­ald Trump promised to “make Amer­ica great again,” but he might make Amer­ica Great Britain. To re-in­dus­tri­al­ize the U.S. econ­omy, Pres­i­dent Trump must avoid the mis­take that de-in­dus­tri­al­ized Britain: namely, he must end the dol­lar’s role as the world’s chief re­serve cur­rency.

Economics and Demography

Why has the birth rate fallen in nearly every country? And why has discussion of the family been shifting from West to East? A new prototype “Social Futuring Index” might offer some answers.

The Cause and Mechanisms of American De-Industrialization

An effective solution to the decline of American manufacturing highlighted in the new book Advanced Manufacturing, it seems, requires either a change of mind by President Trump, or a different president.

Jeff Bell Was George Bailey

To those who knew him well, Jeffrey L. Bell was a real-life George Bailey: an accomplished and decent man who shaped important events by helping others achieve their own greatness, mostly without recognition himself.

The Trump Tax Reform Won’t Match the Reagan Ones

Some hard figures help explain why the Reagan administration tax reforms were enacted with the support of so-called “Reagan Democrats” in Congress, while not a single Democrat voted for the 2017 tax reform.

A Brief Demographic Tour of the World

The good news is that the rate of legal abortion has fallen by nearly half from its peak; the bad news is that this still makes the difference between a declining and growing population, both for the United States and for the whole world.