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The Power of the Cross

Attractive crucifixes in our churches and homes should not blind us to the fact that death by Roman crucifixion was unspeakably awful. But the Son, through the power of God, won the victory.

Humanizing Jesus

The Son of God became not just the author of the human drama but an actor in it.

Christmas and Living Beyond Fear

The archangel Gabriel encouraged Mary and Joseph to trust in God.

What Wouldn’t Jesus Do?

Among the most inexplicable developments in this bizarre political year is that Donald Trump is the candidate of choice of many evangelical Christians.

The Christmas Revolution

Because the Christmas story has been told so often for so long, it’s easy even for Christians to forget how revolutionary Jesus’ birth was.

Christmas 2015: History within ‘History’

Christmas is where God’s revelation to the People of Israel meets God’s revelation in his Son.

The Grittiness of Christian Faith

In Jerusalem, as in no other place, the believer, the skeptic, and the “searcher” are confronted with a fact: Christianity began, not with a pious story or “narrative,” but with the reality of transformed lives.