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An Open Letter to Jeb Bush

If Gov. Bush were to drop out of the race now and endorse Marco Rubio, or at the very least, call off the attack dogs, he would be advancing everything he says he believes in except himself. It would be a gracious and inspiring gesture.

Debate Debrief

There was plenty of substantive criticism and crossfire among the candidates, but, without Donald Trump, Thursday’s Fox News debate was far more substantive and far less juvenile.

A Clear Path for Repealing and Replacing Obamacare Is Coming into View

Opponents of Obamacare, after many years of effort, are finally making some progress, on both policy and political strategy. It would be a terrible shame if they undermined all of that good work now by embracing ideas that would make it much harder to reach their ultimate goal.

What the Republican Debates Should Be About

The moderators of the next GOP presidential debate should steer the conversation toward their substantive disagreements, not trivialities or personal attacks and accusations.

CNBC Inadvertently Showcased the Republicans’ Best Qualities

The network demonstrated a number of traits people loathe about the press — and the candidates, most of them anyway, came out smelling like roses.

Jeb Bush Offers a Smart, Conservative Obamacare Alternative

Jeb Bush has offered a health care plan that the electorate will find preferable to the government-centric focus of Obamacare.

The Coming Process of Candidate Elimination

Polls right now aren’t screening out the candidates who would have no chance of ever winning the 2016 presidential election. But that time will come.

Medicare at 50

Critics are pouncing on Jeb Bush for saying Medicare needs reform. But his position is in the political mainstream, and correct.

Who Will Be the Candidate with a Plan?

In addition to experience and leadership skills, the GOP candidates for president need to articulate a realistic plan for taxes, health care, and the federal budget.

Jeb Bush Makes His Case

Based on the reviews, the launch of Jeb Bush’s campaign was successful. Now the former Florida governor’s work really begins.