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Ripley’s Believe It or Else

The extremely low opinion, so the pollsters tell us, which Americans hold of the media could never bode well for an institution founded on the extremely high opinion the media hold of themselves.

16 Things You Must Believe to Buy the ‘Witch Hunt’ Russia Narrative

One column cannot accommodate the list of things you must believe if you trust that Donald Trump is truly the victim of a baseless witch hunt. Consider this a mere stab.

I Alone Can Fix

Twitter is just a tool. With or without it, President Trump’s conduct would be disordered and self-sabotaging.

Trump’s Escape from the Comey Mess

At this point, the only clear way out is to just release those tax returns.

Where Is the Republican Leadership?

The Republicans who have so far stood in lock step with Mr. Trump, defending him at every turn, need to ask themselves whether they want to continue to be complicit in this institutional assault.