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Baghdadi’s Death Should Have Been a Clear Victory for Trump. It Wasn’t.

One longs for a wisp of Churchillian magnanimity in President Trump.

Religious Extremism by Any Other Name

The human capacity for atrocities is limitless, and philosophies that offer moral justification for them are particularly pernicious.

Why Would You Want Putin as a Friend?

You have to overlook a lot to imagine that Russia’s intentions toward the United States and the West are benign.

A Stupid Anti-Israel Policy

And an awful speech by John Kerry.

Orgy of Guilt

You might suppose that in the mighty nations of the west, debate would be ongoing about how to destroy ISIS and rescue the desperate people in its path, but the great issue we’re relitigating is whether Tony Blair should be tried for war crimes at the International Criminal Court and just how responsible George W. Bush was for all of the mayhem in the world.

Obama: Whose Side Is He On?

By steadfastly refusing to make distinctions among Muslims based upon ideology and conduct — by insisting that Muslims are no more plagued by violent extremism than, say, Presbyterians — President Obama has opened the door to Trump, who also makes no distinctions.

The Fate of EgyptAir Flight 804 — and of Us

Between now and November, the Islamists and Donald Trump are in a kind of alliance. Any terror attack anywhere in the world helps both.

After the “G-Word” has been Spoken

The congressional resolution and the State Department’s action declaring that what ISIS is doing to Christians in Iraq is “genocide” gives the victims of persecution hope that someone knows, and someone cares.

The Biggest Problem with U.S. Foreign Policy? Obama’s Own Preening Self-Regard.

Taken together, President Obama’s recent comments paint a picture of someone disconnected from reality and sure of his own perfection.

ISIS, Genocide, and Us

Gratuitous destruction of ancient cultural centers and artifacts is now underway wherever the black flag of the Islamic State, ISIS, is raised in Iraq and Syria. And so is another genocide, this time of Christians.