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Joe Biden’s Last Campaign

As his party races left, the former veep struggles to catch up.

Republicans Want Trump to Give up on His Tariffs. He Shouldn’t Budge.

President Trump will need to deal with Senator Charles Grassley and others to get his new trade deal passed, and he should. But he cannot lose sight of the fact that he is president today — and can only remain president after 2020 — if he keeps faith with the blue-collar voters who heard him loud and clear.

Finding Iowa’s Cyclone

Just as John Edwards and Rick Santorum popped up out of nowhere to destroy the Presidential dreams of Dean, Gephardt, Gingrich, and Perry, so too might someone emerge this year to damage or destroy Ted Cruz’s, Donald Trump’s, or Marco Rubio’s dreams. Who might that person be, and can we predict their rise beforehand?

Iowa Isn’t Over: It Has Barely Begun

The media have decided that Iowa is a two-man race between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. That may end up being true, but past history suggests someone will surge in the last two weeks to take first or second in a huge upset.