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Just “Politics”

With the departure of seriousness and responsibility from the political culture, what Freud called “the narcissism of small differences” took over, and the rancorousness and hatred which are now the salient features of our political life have been increasing ever since.

Trump’s Approval Rating Has Already Recovered From Its Impeachment Slump

President Trump’s job approval rating has regained all the ground lost after his telephone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky came to light and now stands close to a three-year high. This should worry Democrats.

A Disparate Medley of American Voices

The impeachment proceeding should have been a grand and significant occasion. But it felt like stagecraft—history as performance, as if to say that we live in a fatally politicized, post-historical world.

Partisan Impeachment Will Only Add Fire to Our Ideological Warfare

Most Democratic voters don’t believe that President Trump should have been elected in 2016, and they view impeachment and removal as the proper remedy to undo that election. That view is ultimately fatal to democracy, which requires the losers to submit voluntarily to an election’s outcome.

What a Senate Acquittal in an Impeachment Trial Will Mean

If, as seems all but certain, President Trump is not removed by the Senate, the standard about what is impeachable conduct will have been ratcheted higher.

Witch Hunts, Then and Now

Sin unredeemed by grace or merit resonates with the left’s ideology of a debunked America. It was that ideology that brought on the Trumpian uprising of 2016 and, three years down the road, has set the stage for the impeachment.

Revolutionism Redux, Part III

If, as now seems possible, the country as a whole learns from the impeachment fiasco to look upon the media-Democrat complex with more skepticism, it may also come to see that the revolutionary whistle-blower is the scandal to democracy to which we should have been paying attention all along.

Netanyahu Shows Us Why Indicting a Leader Is Bad for Our Democracy

Any serious charge of criminal behavior by a political leader creates severe political problems for a country, as Benjamin Netanyahu’s indictment shows. But what is problematic for Israel could pose an existential threat to our Constitution.

Nothing in the Impeachment Hearings Will Change Anyone’s Minds

Week one of the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment hearings is over. The evidence produced so far will do nothing to change Republican support for President Trump.

The Exposure of the Republican Party

What is on display on Capitol Hill is not simply an impeachment inquiry into an unscrupulous president; it is the ongoing, deepening complicity and corruption of the party he leads.