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The Heart of Progress

Progress can humanize and dehumanize; our generation in the midst of a dehumanized world has one task: to seek the progress that humanizes.

Dining Tables as Battering Rams

The practice of hospitality can be a salve for the fear, loneliness, isolation, selfishness, and obsession with material gain that drives people away from each other and into themselves.

Biden Is Sending the Wrong Signals on the Border

Trump-era crackdowns slowed illegal migration because people reasonably concluded that they had less chance of remaining in the country. The signals from President Biden that he intends to dismantle those initiatives have sent the opposite message: The United States is opening to migrants.

INTERVIEW: The Complicated Journey of Becoming an American

Luma Simms, a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, describes learning how to describe her identity, what the American identity should include, and how she synthesizes each day her American self and her Iraqi self.

The Pursuit of Home

When it comes to immigration, the fundamental question is: how can we help people find a home? The answer is not no borders, but humane ones.

Trump’s Order Banning Immigration Puts Democrats in a Bind

President Trump’s executive order temporarily banning most types of work-related immigration does more than intensify the election-year dispute over immigration policy. It presents the Democrats with difficult choices in both the short and long terms.

The Need For a Humane Immigration Debate

The immigration restrictionists at the turn of the 20th century were driven by eugenic doctrine, and they built their arguments on racial theories. So what do we do today with this legacy of the immigration restrictionists of old?

Persecution, True and False

The key for Christians—from the beginning—has always been how they respond to trials and tribulations, and the most genuinely Christian responses historically have not been via force or politics but rather acts of care and love of neighbor.

Yes, Undocumented Immigrants Take Jobs from Americans. Here’s the Proof.

People who support high levels of low-skilled immigration often claim that immigrants do work that native-born residents won’t. The facts surrounding the Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids of seven Mississippi chicken processing plants show how untrue that claim is.

Immigration and the Desire for Rootedness

National conservatives need to help create an America that knows who she is, one that can give immigrants more than just a place to get a job—an America that can draw them in, giving them a sense of belonging.