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McCarthyism Is Back. This Time, It’s Woke.

Today’s “cancel culture” is nothing more than McCarthyism in a woke costume.

Our Deeper Task

You don’t need a well-developed theory of justice to be appalled or outraged by real injustices – for example, by police brutality or the killing of George Floyd. But you need it to see clearly what has brought our communities and country to this state of affairs.

Identity Politics Excommunicates Its Heretics

The Left’s worldview functions as a religion, punishing or coercing dissenters and silencing heretics.

Revolutionism Redux, Part I

If it takes one kind of Holy Madness to drive out another, dissenters from the identity politics of the newly socialist and liberationist left may be driven to join the Trumpites under the banner of nationalism.

If You Don’t Find Your Identity in a Family, You’ll Look For It in the Primal Screams of Identity Politics

The ascent of identity politics reveals that people are having an identity crisis, and they are having an identity crisis because the sexual revolution resulted in family—and, by extension, individual—breakdown.

Elizabeth Warren Highlights the Dangers of Identity Politics

Senator Warren’s charade reveals the bankruptcy of the practice — well-intentioned at first — of granting benefits based upon race.

Shall We Have Civil War or Second Thoughts?

Have we reached the tilting point on the subject of race? Americans don’t quite know anymore what they mean when they say “we.”

Right Side vs. White Side

As the advent of that earthly paradise has been deferred, and deferred again, and as the honor culture whose destruction was its condition has grown ever more irrecoverable, the urgency with which the institution of the progressive utopia is required and the bitterness towards those seen as standing in its glorious way have grown pari passu.