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The Vatican’s Choice: Jimmy Lai or Xi Jinping?

Around the world, voices have been raised in support of Hong Kong’s brave pro-democracy demonstrators. Has the Holy See’s voice been heard?

A New Cardinal Honors an Entire Nation

Sigitas Tamkevicius’s enrollment in the College of Cardinals was a papal tribute to a brave man who exemplifies the best the Society of Jesus offers the Church and the world.

Iran’s Revolution Reconsidered

Iran and the rest of the Middle Eastern world do not need any more revolutions or Western foreign policy interventions. They need a revolution of conscience: the moral power of human dignity.

Trump’s ‘America First’ policy could work in Venezuela

President Trump’s decision to recognize Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as that country’s president is definitely a risky move. But it’s one that is justified for both humanitarian reasons and as an expression of an “America First” foreign policy.

The Vatican, China, and Evangelical Prudence

Recent remarks by the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, have fueled speculation about a possible exchange of diplomatic representation between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China.

Obama’s Cold War Replay

The opening of diplomatic relations with Cuba is the latest, and one fears, not the last in a string of preemptive concessions to vicious regimes by the Obama administration.