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The Progressive Advocacy of Tribal Honor

The alternative to a world of nations is not the benign “globalisation” that was a by-product of the end of the Cold War and now looks, in retrospect, like a Golden Age. It is a reversion to the more feral and primitive version of honor which preceded the emergence of the modern nation-state.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Reputation

In trying to modernize our understanding of the “elusive concept” of reputation, a new book loses sight of its historical meaning.

Right Side vs. White Side

As the advent of that earthly paradise has been deferred, and deferred again, and as the honor culture whose destruction was its condition has grown ever more irrecoverable, the urgency with which the institution of the progressive utopia is required and the bitterness towards those seen as standing in its glorious way have grown pari passu.

Confederate Statues Honor Soldiers’ Valor, Not Beliefs

A 125-year-old statue commemorating Confederate soldiers stands as a symbol of reconciliation between the two halves of the recently-divided nation.

Politics Without Honor

Progressives have become the captives of their own conceit — not just that their political views are the only correct ones but that they are the only moral ones.

On Their Honor

A way to look at dueling, then and now.

Review: ‘Cowardice: A Brief History,’ by Chris Walsh

A new book offers a social and cultural survey of attitudes toward cowardice during various periods of American history.