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On Cages and Evangelization in China

Like Catholicism-vs.-communism in east central Europe during the Cold War, Catholicism-vs.-communism in China is, ultimately, a zero-sum game.

The Vatican Should Speak up on China’s Repression in Hong Kong and Beyond

In the past, under Pope John Paul II, the Holy See was uncompromising in defense of fundamental human rights. That approach is needed now — but would require an overdue recalibration of the Holy See’s recent policy toward China.

Audrey Donnithorne: Woman of Valor

In ninety-seven years of an extraordinary life, Audrey Donnithorne navigated a kaleidoscope of experiences that rank her as one of the most remarkable Catholics of modern times and a genuine heroine of the faith.

The Vatican’s Choice: Jimmy Lai or Xi Jinping?

Around the world, voices have been raised in support of Hong Kong’s brave pro-democracy demonstrators. Has the Holy See’s voice been heard?

Communist China Is Showing Its True Colors. It Must Not Go Unpunished.

If China wants Hong Kong to be treated as a simple Chinese province, then the United States should return the favor and end Hong Kong’s special trade preferences.

Hong Kong Voters Have Taken a Risk. Trump Should, Too.

Sometimes a country such as the U.S. needs to take a stand to protect its highest ideals regardless of consequences. Now is such a time.

What Hong Kong Means for the U.S.

The protesters in the streets of Hong Kong have once again reminded us of the power of the U.S. example—even as our leaders seem less committed to it.

If China Cracks Down on Hong Kong, Trump Should Extend His Tariffs

President Trump should not stand idly by if the Chinese government chooses to use force against protesters in Hong Kong.