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Should Democrats Avoid Female Candidates?

You can mine the data in the belief that voters are not “ready” for a woman president. But the truth is probably closer to this: The right woman candidate hasn’t run yet.

Sorry, but ‘Her Emails’ Were a Legitimate Scandal and They Deserved to Be Covered

There’s certainly an argument for wondering if coverage of this or that during the crazy 2016 campaign wasn’t a bit too intense. There is, however, no possible rational argument that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was not a real, legitimate scandal, deserving of widespread coverage and opprobrium.

The Blue Wall

Donald Trump is president because he broke the “blue wall” in the Rust Belt. But Democrats performed very well in most of those states in the midterms, raising expectations that they can retake the region and thereby deny Trump reelection. And a close read of the returns gives reason for hope and concern on both sides.

The Trump War Is a Boomer Battle

The president’s supporters and detractors alike use politics to re-enact old narratives of rebellion.

A Thought on the Trump-DOJ Scandal

We Americans have a habit of putting fundamental social and political questions out of our minds by turning them into technical legal questions. This tendency is one of the forces at work in the increasingly dramatic showdown between the Department of Justice and the President.

The Trump Administration’s Undrained Swamp

If ever there were a crew less suited to drain the swamp in Washington, the Trump team would have to be it.

Here’s The Graceful Commencement Speech Hillary Clinton Should Have Given This Year

Hillary Clinton missed an opportunity to share with young women what it is like to win the popular vote but still lose the election, and nevertheless get up in the morning to fight another day. In one way or another, this sort of thing happens to all of us (although in a less public and spectacular way).

As Trump Meets the Pope, Trump’s Detractors are Still Failing to Persuade His Catholic Voters Away from Him

Attempts to stymie President Trump politically by delegitimizing him religiously reek of opportunism.

A Hillarian Lesson for Church Leaders

Fraternal correction is a delicate instrument, to be used with care. If its use completely atrophies, however, the Church risks becoming an ecclesiastical version of Clintonworld.

The Hillary Interview: Dull, Predictable, Progressive

Hillary’s interview made clear that she had no policy substance to offer.