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Remember ‘Reconciliation’? The GOP Can Move an Agenda without Democratic Support

Republicans in Congress should use the budget reconciliation process to pass an agenda that is difficult for the president to veto.

The Fix to the ‘Doc Fix’ Is No Fix at All

The new physician-payment system approved by Congress will give the Medicare bureaucracy even more control over the practice of medicine.

Unpacking The Burr-Hatch-Upton Plan

The Burr-Hatch-Upton plan is a viable alternative to the Affordable Care Act, with features that many Americans will find more attractive than current law.

A Fix for the Doc Fix?

The annual sustainable growth rate (SGR) patches don’t constitute a terrible crisis, but the fiscal trajectory of the Medicare program does. The latest “doc fix” reform bill seems premised on the opposite assumptions.

The GOP Must Use the Reconciliation Option Prudently

Last November, voters gave Republicans full control of Congress for the first time in eight years. The GOP should the most powerful tool at its disposal — budget reconciliation — to advance an agenda that’s right for the current moment.

Be Prepared

King v. Burwell could be an enormous opportunity for those opposed to Obamacare. But it will only offer such an opportunity if conservatives are prepared to give the states a serious alternative arrangement.

France: Obama’s Paradise

France seems to have everything that Barack Obama finds wanting in his own country.

Time to Start Prepping Post-Obamacare Reforms

If the Supreme Court rules against the White House in King v. Burwell, states could face a difficult choice between fixing and reinforcing Obamacare or seeing some residents lose coverage they now have. Congress should give them a third option: a viable alternative to the Affordable Care Act.