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Obama’s Foreign Policy Fecklessness

Perceptions matter, and it has become clearly undeniable that in many places — Moscow, Damascus, Tehran, Jerusalem, Beijing — the president of the United States is perceived as weak, and that people in these places have behaved accordingly.

ISIS Is Barack Obama’s Creation

There is a studied lack of media interest in mistakes made by our current president — mistakes that have led directly to chaos in Iraq and fueled the rise of ISIS.

Advice to the Next President

Every two months, the University of Virginia’s Miller Center will publish a set of short memos offering historical perspective and assessing some of the biggest contemporary challenges the next president will face. In his contribution to the first issue, Peter Wehner offers the next president advice on a range of matters.

Jeb’s Prospects

The establishment agenda Jeb Bush seems poised to offer is strikingly out of step with the voters who will decide the 2016 Republican nomination and the general election.

The Reform Tightrope

To be successful, the GOP presidential candidates must find language that conveys both a determination to pursue economic reforms and an attentiveness to the struggles of low and moderate income families.

The Four Faces of the Republican Party

Understanding how to appeal to members of each of four distinct Republican voting blocs is the sine qua non of successful GOP nomination efforts.