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Trade Policy Is Always Political First

In the 1990s a trade regime that hitherto consistently understood itself as a political tool, the function of which was to achieve political aims, began running on autopilot and understanding itself as a purely economic tool.

Trump Can’t Let up on China Now

Trade talks with China have reportedly stalled because of its insistence that the United States remove or lower tariffs before a final deal is struck. That demand should be firmly rejected.

Republicans Want Trump to Give up on His Tariffs. He Shouldn’t Budge.

President Trump will need to deal with Senator Charles Grassley and others to get his new trade deal passed, and he should. But he cannot lose sight of the fact that he is president today — and can only remain president after 2020 — if he keeps faith with the blue-collar voters who heard him loud and clear.

Help Workers without a Trade War

Free trade benefits America and its trading partners. But President Trump is right that it doesn’t benefit everyone. Supporters of global trade ought to think about other measures governments can take to reduce the pain many individuals and communities experience.

How Trump Could Turn a Good Neighbor Into a Bad One

With his insults and unnecessary posturing, Donald Trump is jeopardizing one of America’s most important relationships.

The Anti-Business Businessman

Donald Trump’s trade policies will hurt the American middle class.

Monetary Reform or Trade War

The official reserve-currency system causes the domestic price level to rise in the reserve-currency country, relative to other countries, even when exchange rates remain (temporarily) fixed–a competitive disadvantage that tariffs can only worsen, and only proper monetary reform can fix.

Elite Convergence

In its rush to convict the educated Left, a new book overlooks the important complicity among certain elites on the Right in the plight of non-college-educated, native-born Americans.