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Fix Free Speech or No Higher-Ed Act Reauthorization

All indications are that Congressional Republicans have decided against including free-speech protections in the coming reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, in significant part because House Democrats are refusing to go along. That has got to change.

A Turning Point in the Campus Free-Speech Crisis

A growing confrontation at the University of Arizona is a rare case where student disruptors are facing real consequences for their actions. Yet if the growing rebellion by anti-free-speech students and faculty at UA gets its way, it would be a disaster for free speech, and would mark a new and dangerous turn in America’s campus crisis.

The Politics and Policy of Trump’s Campus Free-Speech Order

President Trump’s decision to issue an executive order protecting freedom of speech on America’s college campuses marks an inflection point in a decades-long struggle over the direction of the American academy.

Trump’s Campus Free-Speech Order and Our Cold Civil War

Having proven for decades that it will not — and cannot — protect our fundamental freedoms, the academy has left us no choice but to set things right with the blunt instrument of federal intervention.

You Can’t Say That on Twitter

Threats, vile abuse, and harassment have become a key part of Twitter’s brand, but only a select few offenders are punished or banned.

You Can Hate Me as Much as You Like – It’s Not a Crime

If there is hatred in our society, it does not come from ordinary prejudices, such as those that lead rival groups of citizens to treat each other with suspicion; it stems from those who do not see prejudice for what it is, the natural response to difference, and the desire to live in a comfort zone of one’s own.

The More Things Change…

A defense of academic integrity that can’t distinguish between hearing from a virulent if entertaining troll and hearing from a distinguished if unorthodox social scientist isn’t going to capture the essential purpose of academic integrity, or win the assent of the persuadable. That greater purpose of academic life is what is now at stake in our campus debates, and it is what is always at stake in serious campus debates.

The Campus Free-Speech Crisis Is Real, and Clemson’s Got It

Some commentators have argued that the so-called campus free-speech crisis rests on a series of isolated shout-down anecdotes and that these anecdotes are contradicted by opinion surveys showing broad student support for free speech. But a look at the past twelve years of “anecdotes” from Clemson University shows the crisis is very real. And if the campus free-speech crisis is alive at Clemson, it’s likely far more widely spread.

France’s Ban On Hate Speech Goes Too Far

A new French law is unlikely to deter those who hurl racist abuse online, as they tend to thrive off a desire to thumb their noses at the established order. But the potential for abuse is enormous.

Georgia’s Colleges Are Suppressing Christian Speech

Georgia’s public colleges and universities have been using unconstitutional speech zones to suppress Christian speech in a state where traditional Christians make up a large part of the citizenry. If even the dominant view in Georgia can be ostracized and banned at its universities through flagrantly unconstitutional acts, then the rights of every student in the state will be subject to the whims of irresponsible administrators.