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Things Worth Dying For

The latest book by retired Archbishop Charles Chaput offers his most memorable and moving work.

Somebody Needs to Be Dad

The extraordinary fact of Catholic life in the United States is not the few bishops who humiliate us so bitterly, but the many who do the job so well

Hope and Her Daughters

Hope feeds and grows on the experience of love, the will to persist in that love, and the letting go of anger, no matter how vicious or lunatic the times.

Some Thoughts on Words and Their Meanings

When we really believe what we claim to believe, we conform our hearts, our minds, our choices, and our actions – both in private and in public – to the convictions we claim to hold.  Otherwise, we’re liars.

Ordinary Time

In the sacred space of our conscience and our personal choices, none of us is powerless, and no life, no matter how obscure or limited, is inconsequential. How we live our lives matters.

Memory and Gratitude

Until we suffer for what we believe, or have our hearts changed by the witness of others who suffer, our faith is untested and aspirational; a matter of good intentions.

People of the Lie

Donald Trump may have teased and fed the nation’s spirit of conflict, but he didn’t create it. And Trump’s exit won’t heal any of our deepest fractures.

The New Colonialism

What may be coming our way is an odd kind of “new colonialism,” with flyover country—that Dark Continent formerly known as places like Kansas, Alabama, and Tennessee—reduced in effective power to mission territory for our enlightened coastal elites.

Why the Digital Mob Fears the Power of Little-Read Books

Modern technology obscures both the past and the future by locking us in the frenzies of the present and interfering with reflective thought.

Faith, Reason, and Catholic Political Engagement

What the Church expects us to do in this and every election is to follow our consciences—but also to form our consciences intelligently, in accord with Christian truth.