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French Socialism Has Failed

‘Free’ government services in France are unsustainable and anything but progressive.

Diderot and the Enlightenment Cult of Reason

A praiseful new intellectual biography of the French philosophe Denis Diderot (1713–1784) offers hope that serious engagement with the past is still possible in the academy.

The Failure of the French Elite

The yellow vest protests have revealed the profound divide between the privileged class embodied by Emmanuel Macron and the rest of France.

Waiting for Gounod

The French composer Charles Gounod will have a lasting if limited place in the opera house because the lightning struck him once or maybe twice, and feeling of high voltage surged into melody of genius.

Les Macronables?

While French President Emmanuel Macron is not a king, the slow motion popular resistance to his rule is more than a little reminiscent of the slow leaking of royal authority that predated the storming of the Bastille.

There’s No Easy Fix for Climate Problem

As France learned recently, short-sighted policies are not the answer to climate change.

We Need an Answer to Idolatrous Nationalism. But Don’t Look to Emmanuel Macron.

The way to head off the worst strains of nationalism is to pre-empt them with more humane appeals to legitimate concerns for national identity.

Trump’s Chaos Theory

President Trump does not yet grasp that his compulsion to create chaos—sometimes an asset—may ultimately prove to be the greatest threat to his presidency.

Glory Days

Napoleon’s latest biographer manages to do justice both to Napoleon’s achievements without flattery and to his grave flaws without invocations of totalitarian oppression or genocidal mania.

Macron and Trump Can Team Up on Trade

The picture of Emmanuel Macron as a ga-ga globalist, and of Donald Trump as a protectionist ideologue, is too simplistic. Indeed, for all their very real differences, they also share priorities, which offers a way for them to work together.