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Withdrawing from Afghanistan Is Hindering U.S. Military Readiness. That Proves Why It’s the Right Move.

The deployment of the USS Ronald Reagan to support the withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan highlights the massive gap between U.S. global commitments and U.S. military power.

China’s Looming Population Slide Could Make It an Even More Dangerous Global Threat

Demography is not destiny, but it does create inescapable pressures. In China’s case, falling population will force it either to curtail or rapidly intensify its expansion of global power.

Joe Biden Is Going to Need a New China Strategy

President-elect Joe Biden’s new national security team is a distinguished collection of men and women with long experience in global affairs. One wonders, however, if that experience will help or hinder them in grasping the challenges posed by a newly assertive China.

The Soleimani Assassination Could Have Dangerous Ripples Around the World

The assassination of Iranian Quds Force mastermind Qasem Soleimani is justifiably leading to fears of war with Iran. The Trump administration should be wary: That prospect could tempt other global adversaries to test our resolve elsewhere while the administration’s attention is focused on the Middle East.

National Interest, National Purpose: Reimagining Morality and Foreign Policy

The United States was the first modern polity to claim political legitimacy on the basis of its recognition of certain truths, hard-wired into the human condition, about the human person and freedom. It would be unworthy of us not to take that history seriously as we think about our responsibilities in the world in the twenty-first century.

If You’re Scared of Trump’s Foreign Policy, Warren’s Should Terrify You

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s long-awaited plan to pay for her Medicare-for-all proposal will be justly attacked for its unrealistic assumptions regarding how to cut health-care costs and raise new revenue. Even more seriously, however, her plan includes an element that shows she approaches national security issues without sufficient care or thought.

Trump Betrayed the Kurds. He Couldn’t Help Himself.

Betrayal is hardly new to President Trump, who routinely abandons people who trust in him or the nation he leads. By now, this behavior should come as a surprise to exactly no one.

Trump Is Wrong to Pull Troops From Syria. He’s Right That the United States Is Overextended.

The United States is committed to a global military and alliance structure that is proving increasingly difficult to manage or finance.

The World Doesn’t Hate Trump’s America as Much as People Think

President Trump has clearly disrupted traditional U.S. foreign policy — and not always in a good direction. But for all the complaining, the data presented at a recent conference in Copenhagen shows that the United States continues to be well regarded in many places around the globe.

We Don’t Know If Trump’s Foreign Policy Will Work. but at Least He’s Challenging the Status Quo.

We don’t know how President Trump’s latest maneuvers regarding North Korea and China will fare. The only thing we do know is that the byproduct of economic globalization is and will continue to be the flowing of hard power from the Western allies to non-Western countries, democratic and authoritarian alike.