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The Way Forward After June Medical

Now is the time to get back on our feet and return to the work of building a civilization of love, radical hospitality, and legal protection for unborn children and their mothers.

Always the Era of the Saints

Unless we reconfigure our lives to understand and act on it, the “new evangelization” will remain just another pious slogan.

Sex, Celibacy, and the Latest Curiosity From Rome

Matters sacramental and supernatural cannot be reduced to the pragmatic, the functional, and the utility-driven. But critics of priestly celibacy—however good their intentions—inevitably do exactly that, to the detriment of the believing community they seek to serve.

Ibsen’s Soulcraft

Henrik Ibsen’s daring created the taste by which he is now appreciated. He was the arch-poet of emancipatory liberalism.

There’s a Pony in Here Somewhere: A Post-Synodal Reflection

For whatever else it may or may not have accomplished, Synod-2019 was an unmistakable moment of clarification and a stern summons to responsibility.

The Pell Affair: Australia Is Now on Trial

As the facts finally come out, reasonable people around the world are now coming to see that at virtually every point in this tawdry process, the justice system has failed Cardinal George Pell.

Wojtyłan Fantasies, Revisited

Political appeals to base motives and economic appeals to crass acquisitiveness have done serious harm to the freedom project in the West. In that sense, John Paul II’s mature social-ethical thought is more important than ever for serious thinkers and leaders to engage, in a conversation crucial to the future of the West, and indeed the entire world.

Testimony for the Synod

Christian anthropology—once implicit in the culture of the West—has been widely displaced by an androgynous anthropology fundamentally incompatible with the Christian vision of the human person.

We Will Not Yield

What Newman said of his day is also true of our own: “The Catholic people, in the length and breadth of Christendom, were the obstinate champions of Catholic truth, and the bishops were not.”

Fathers, Help Us

A plea to bishops and priests: defend this Church; defend the bride of Christ. Militate against this cancer in your midst.