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Religious Freedom: Bleached, Blanched, and Rinsed Out

It is fatuous to dismiss concerns over the rinsing-out of religious freedom as the overwrought fretting of culture warriors.

Tom Cotton Introduces Campus Free-Speech Bill

Tom Cotton’s Campus Free Speech Restoration Act is at the leading edge of the fight to restore liberty and constitutional principle to our college campuses — and to our country.

We Need More than a Defense of Religious Free Exercise

While religious Americans might be able to achieve small victories around the edges by relying on the First Amendment to protect us within our small spheres, we will continue losing the cultural battle in the long run if we decline to defend our beliefs on their own terms.

What’s Missing from Trump’s China Policy

We should be more worried about China’s export of totalitarianism than consumer products.

A Turning Point in the Campus Free-Speech Crisis

A growing confrontation at the University of Arizona is a rare case where student disruptors are facing real consequences for their actions. Yet if the growing rebellion by anti-free-speech students and faculty at UA gets its way, it would be a disaster for free speech, and would mark a new and dangerous turn in America’s campus crisis.

The Politics and Policy of Trump’s Campus Free-Speech Order

President Trump’s decision to issue an executive order protecting freedom of speech on America’s college campuses marks an inflection point in a decades-long struggle over the direction of the American academy.

Trump’s Campus Free-Speech Order and Our Cold Civil War

Having proven for decades that it will not — and cannot — protect our fundamental freedoms, the academy has left us no choice but to set things right with the blunt instrument of federal intervention.

The Campus Intellectual Diversity Act: A Proposal

Knowledge advances through debate, yet our universities are dominated by an intellectual monoculture, while public-policy debates common to society at large are scarcely to be found in the halls of the academy. This problem can be addressed in a way that respects academic freedom.

Making Acosta a Federal Case

The White House handled Mr. Showboat in about the worst possible way.

The More Things Change…

A defense of academic integrity that can’t distinguish between hearing from a virulent if entertaining troll and hearing from a distinguished if unorthodox social scientist isn’t going to capture the essential purpose of academic integrity, or win the assent of the persuadable. That greater purpose of academic life is what is now at stake in our campus debates, and it is what is always at stake in serious campus debates.