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The Equality Act’s Implications for Abortion Would Be Devastating for Pregnant Women in the Workplace

The Equality Act’s sponsors seem to be trying to retool the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, transforming it from a law that is explicitly neutral as to abortion into a mechanism that may well be construed to require health care providers to perform abortions and states to fund them.

The Contested Meaning of Women’s Equality

However much we might like our daughters and sons to see their fundamental equality emblazoned in the text of the Constitution, strict equality will not give mothers and fathers the support they need. A more intentional and robust family policy, on the other hand, just might.

The Left Doesn’t Understand Women

Exit polls show that Donald Trump tightened race and gender gaps while winning a majority of married women.

Interview: Erika Bachiochi on the Future of Pro-Life Feminism

The question that divides us is how we ought to respond to reproductive asymmetry: the reality that women carry disproportionate burdens due to our special role in human reproduction.

Amy Coney Barrett: A New Feminist Icon

Feminism is changing, and Barrett’s replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg will show how.

Feminists Should Be Celebrating Amy Coney Barrett

One would be hard-pressed to find a woman who has navigated the difficult trenches of career success and motherhood as ably as Amy Coney Barrett.

What I Will Teach My Children About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Justice Ginsburg lived a heroic life in many ways. But to truly realize across our culture her noble vision for caregiving, we will have to point our children to others, those who recognize unborn children not as potential hindrances to the contributions we might make in the world but as reasons for greater solidarity with one another.

Democrats’ Anti-Catholic Bigotry Is All About Abortion

Amy Coney Barrett is not the only potential judge who’s had her faith maligned by the Left in the name of protecting legal abortion.

Reclaiming the ‘F Word’

A new book traces the history of American feminism and how it became entangled with the abortion-rights movement.

It’s Still Not Because She’s a Woman

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign failed not because of misogyny but because she’s a dishonest, incompetent politician.