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Because of My Father

I retain my faith in it in no small part because of the witness of my father, who taught me by his example to believe in the only thing that really matters.

How Can I Possibly Believe That Faith Is Better Than Doubt?

Perhaps the key to understanding why faith is prized within the Christian tradition is that it involves trust that would not be needed if the existence of God were subject to a mathematical proof.

Interview with Peter Wehner: Hardwired for Hope

EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner discusses pain, suffering and the Christian faith.

After Great Pain, Where Is God?

All things may eventually be made new again, but in this life even wounds that heal leave scars.

Dr. Ted Davis at the November 2015 Faith Angle Forum

Dr. Ted Davis gives an overview and summary of the past one hundred years of Christian reflection on faith and scientific disputes.

Dr. Albert Raboteau at the November 2015 Faith Angle Forum

I think we need to not be strangers to each other and to each other’s experiences and the more that we can become less estranged, the more there’s a possibility of change. It’s hard to hate somebody who you eat with regularly…

Dr. Arthur Brooks and John Carr at the November 2015 Faith Angle Forum

“Ask yourself did all of my work go for the benefit of people with less power than me? If the answer is no you’re screwing up.” – Arthur Brooks

When Faith Repairs Broken Lives

How the public face of Christianity is in some respects quite at odds with the less well-known – and I would argue the much more prevalent and authentic — face of Christianity.

Commitment, Chastity, Mercy are the Building Blocks for a Happy Marriage

Marriage looks risky to young couples, so finding the success factor matters a lot.

Brian Williams, His Fall from Grace, and the Need for Grace

Though Brian Williams’s mistakes deserve scrutiny and accountability, he also deserves a chance at redemption.