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The Providential Demise of the Papal States

The sesquicentennial of the end of the Papal States is a moment to ponder the workings of divine providence in history, including the divine capacity to write straight with what may seem, at the time, crooked lines.

The Summer Reading List

Some summer reading possibilities, covering American history, essays, the Middle East, historical fiction, and more.

Waugh’s Helena, Father General, and the Reality of Revelation

It has been clear for over two years that the marriage/divorce/holy communion controversy pits those who, with Vatican II, affirm the reality of revelation against those who insist that experience and history judge revelation.

‘A Tiny Bit of a Man’: Evelyn Waugh’s Anticipation of Donald Trump

More than 70 years ago, while on leave from the Royal Marines, Evelyn Waugh penned a portrait of a buccaneering moneyman with political ambitions and a hollow interior, a sketch that rings loud bells of familiarity in today’s presidential campaign.