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Christians as a Cultural Minority (Again)

The greatest and most powerful Christian distinctive is not the exercise of power; it is the offer of grace.

The Cost of the Evangelical Betrayal

The Trump presidency, which has produced few significant legislative or governing achievements, has inflicted gaping wounds on the Republican Party, conservative causes, and the evangelical movement.

Evangelicals: A Review

A new anthology puts evangelicalism within a historical context, helping readers appreciate its rich, complicated history.

There Is No Christian Case for Trump

Many of President Trump’s evangelical supporters have created a cartoonish image of the president, pretending that his character flaws are trivial and inconsequential, while his policy achievements put him near the top rank of American presidents.

Christian Doomsayers Have Lost It

A movement characterized by anxiety and anger, by harsh language and hard edges, by defensiveness and undue pessimism isn’t going to win many converts. Why would it?

The Moral Universe of Timothy Keller

In a conversation with EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner, Dr. Tim Keller discusses his own journey to faith, the theology of suffering, the role of faith in politics today, and more.

Are Trump’s Critics Demonically Possessed?

Two of the president’s prominent evangelical supporters are literally demonizing his opponents.

For Conservatives Critical of Trump: Talking to Peter Wehner

In a conversation with Andy Fitch for the Los Angeles Review of Books, EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner discusses his new book The Death of Politics and the state of conservatism today.

The Deepening Crisis in Evangelical Christianity

Evangelical Christians should acknowledge the profound damage that’s being done to their movement by its braided political relationship with a president who is an ethical and moral wreck.

Pete Buttigieg’s Very Public Faith Is Challenging Assumptions

Pete Buttigieg’s tone separates him from many evangelical leaders—but in one crucial way, he might be replicating a mistake of the religious right.