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Britain Is on the Verge of a Constitutional Crisis

The loss of a Conservative majority in the House of Commons sets up an unpredictable chain of events that could derail British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s promised Brexit strategy and throw the nation into a serious constitutional crisis.

On the New “Nationalism”

Thanks to President Trump’s “America First” rhetoric and the rise of populist-nationalist parties in Europe, there’s a lot of debate about “nationalism” these days. On that subject, as on so many others, it’s worth listening to Pope St. John Paul II.

Trumpism Isn’t Going Away. Europe Proves It.

The rise of Vox, a culturally conservative party opposed to mass immigration, is part of a larger trend in this year’s national elections in Europe that shows the forces that fueled President Trump’s rise are gaining, not losing, strength.

The Failure of the French Elite

The yellow vest protests have revealed the profound divide between the privileged class embodied by Emmanuel Macron and the rest of France.

U.S.-European Relations Are on the Rocks. They Won’t Get Better Anytime Soon.

Democrats frequently decry President Trump for purportedly weakening our ties with our European allies. But a recent security conference in Germany shows that tensions between the United States and Europe would likely recur under any Republican president — and perhaps under Democratic leadership as well.

The Progressive Advocacy of Tribal Honor

The alternative to a world of nations is not the benign “globalisation” that was a by-product of the end of the Cold War and now looks, in retrospect, like a Golden Age. It is a reversion to the more feral and primitive version of honor which preceded the emergence of the modern nation-state.

Brexit Would Be Hard for Britain. Staying in the E.U. Would Be Worse.

Whatever challenges Brexit poses for the United Kingdom, they pale in comparison to those that will confront it if it remains in the European Union given the continent’s own problems.

Poland is Beset by Russian Revanchism, Western Decadence, and Dangers from Within

The Polish situation is more complicated than easy analogies to Trumpism would suggest. Poland is striving, in a stumbling and halting way, to maintain its identity, an identity that is both European and inextricably Catholic.

What Is America’s Role in the World Now?

Trump opponents left and right believe the system of alliances and interlocked global trading networks that America created—at its insistence—after World War II continues to work in America’s interests. These men and women may be right, but they have a tiny little problem: increasing numbers of Americans disagree.

The Case for Nations

The ‘we’ of the nation-state binds people together, builds an important legacy of social trust and blunts the sharp edges of globalization.