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When to Leave?

For Jews, this is the perennial question. A new book explores how Jewish communities around the world are navigating it.

Of Course Elizabeth Warren Would Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

Every country that has a large public-sector health insurance program that covers most citizens pays for it with taxes much higher than Americans are used to paying.

The World Doesn’t Hate Trump’s America as Much as People Think

President Trump has clearly disrupted traditional U.S. foreign policy — and not always in a good direction. But for all the complaining, the data presented at a recent conference in Copenhagen shows that the United States continues to be well regarded in many places around the globe.

Trumpism Isn’t Going Away. Europe Proves It.

The rise of Vox, a culturally conservative party opposed to mass immigration, is part of a larger trend in this year’s national elections in Europe that shows the forces that fueled President Trump’s rise are gaining, not losing, strength.

Democrats Want to Expand Welfare by Soaking the Rich. That Doesn’t Add Up.

Americans often grumble about their taxes every April 15, but the fact is that for all the complaints about waste, fraud and abuse, we do get a lot for what we pay. Other countries’ citizens get more, but they also pay more — a lot more.

The Failure of the French Elite

The yellow vest protests have revealed the profound divide between the privileged class embodied by Emmanuel Macron and the rest of France.

U.S.-European Relations Are on the Rocks. They Won’t Get Better Anytime Soon.

Democrats frequently decry President Trump for purportedly weakening our ties with our European allies. But a recent security conference in Germany shows that tensions between the United States and Europe would likely recur under any Republican president — and perhaps under Democratic leadership as well.

We Need an Answer to Idolatrous Nationalism. But Don’t Look to Emmanuel Macron.

The way to head off the worst strains of nationalism is to pre-empt them with more humane appeals to legitimate concerns for national identity.

Glory Days

Napoleon’s latest biographer manages to do justice both to Napoleon’s achievements without flattery and to his grave flaws without invocations of totalitarian oppression or genocidal mania.

The Alfie Evans Case Is Straight Out of a Dystopia

What began with a hospital’s deadly policy against a child with apparently permanent disabilities ended with a shocking totalitarian intervention by the state, annihilating his parents’ rights in order to ensure Alfie Evans’s demise.