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Gaia, False Gods, and Public Policy

Is ours a secular world? Or is it a world that’s traded authentic religion for a modern form of idolatry?

The Burning Amazon Shows Exactly What’s Wrong with the Developed World’s Approach to Climate Change

Group of Seven nations have pledged millions of dollars in aid to fight fires in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest to show they are serious about fighting climate change. Instead, the situation starkly shows how unserious their climate change policy is.

On the Composting of Thee and Me

If human beings have no special dignity within creation, then we have no special responsibility for creation.

The Green New Deal Is a Declaration of an Unwinnable ‘World War G’

The Green New Deal is exciting progressive Democrats, but that name is a misnomer. “World War G” would be more accurate because the plan commits the United States to an endless, unwinnable global quagmire.

There’s No Easy Fix for Climate Problem

As France learned recently, short-sighted policies are not the answer to climate change.

Safeguarding the Conditions for an Authentic Human Ecology

If we are to safeguard the moral conditions for an authentic human ecology we must take far more seriously the care, nurture, and cultivation of children and young people in virtue.

The Pope’s Climate Change Message is Really About Rethinking What it Means to be Human

What makes the new encyclical truly radical — in the sense of going to the root — is the pope’s reading of the profound human crisis that he sees underlying our modern world.

Francis and the Greens

In his new encyclical, it seems the Pope making use of the standing and authority (in the eyes of global elites and others) of a left-wing or radical environmentalist agenda to advance a deeply traditional Catholic vision of the human good.

The Pope’s Encyclical, at Heart, Is About Us, Not Trees and Snail Darters

More than just a treatise on climate change, the pope’s encyclical is a call to a more integral, indeed more humanistic, ecology.

The Pontifical Spin Cycle

The non-stop brouhaha over the pope’s impending “environmental” encyclical — the pre-spin that has one camp exultant and another in darkest despair — seems quite out of proportion to what we actually know, ahead of time, about the Catholic Church, environmental issues, and the encyclical-to-come.