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The Gospel According to Dickens

Charles Dickens penned a modern quasi-mythic trove of Christian wisdom and, above all, joy.

Should I Forgive the Journalist Who Got Me Fired?

The former head of Britain’s Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission says he feels gratitude, not resentment, over his ouster as chairman.

Interview: Sir Roger Scruton on What It Means to Be a Conservative

Sir Roger Scruton talks to National Review about his latest book and the meaning of conservatism.

Review: Darkest Hour

Movies about historical events always tell us more about the time in which they were made than they do about the time in which they are set.

Jane Austen: The Personal

Happy is the reader who finds his or her way to Austen, whatever impediments might seem to block the path.

America’s Shakespeare

For Americans, Shakespeare has been a figure of particular reverence, yearning, and vexation. He has stood for the time-honored refinements of civilization that Americans, as late starters, have not yet had time to nourish into full flower. But he has also been the paragon whom stout-hearted democrats believe themselves destined to surpass.

Who Are We?

The “Remain” side thought the EU referendum was all about economics. It was really about how we define ourselves as a nation.

Brexit and the Counter-Cosmopolitans

The articulation of a key role for both the community and the nation-state in giving shape to the future and pushing back against political and economic globalism is key to the task conservatives face in the coming years.

Why Leaving the EU is the Right Decision for the UK

The British people have done something eminently responsible: they voted for liberal democracy in response to elites that have been out of touch for decades.

A ‘Brexit’ Wouldn’t be the Economic Calamity You’ve been Warned About

The EU needs a swift rebuke. The British people should give it to them.