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A Cost-of-Living Agenda

There’s room to pursue an agenda on the right that would tackle inflation in health care, housing, and higher education, and with time there could be some interest in it too. But on the left, it certainly looks like doubling down on the restriction of supply and the subsidization of demand is all we’re going to see at this point.

Elizabeth Warren’s Flawed Child-Care Plan

Universal, government-funded pre-K may do more harm than good.

Start Your Primary Engines

The race for the Democratic 2020 Presidential nomination has already started in earnest.

The Blue Wall

Donald Trump is president because he broke the “blue wall” in the Rust Belt. But Democrats performed very well in most of those states in the midterms, raising expectations that they can retake the region and thereby deny Trump reelection. And a close read of the returns gives reason for hope and concern on both sides.

Elizabeth Warren Highlights the Dangers of Identity Politics

Senator Warren’s charade reveals the bankruptcy of the practice — well-intentioned at first — of granting benefits based upon race.

A Third-Class Temperament

Liberals are beginning to discover, long after conservatives did, what it’s like to experience President Obama’s condescension and all-purpose disrespect.