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It’s Still Not Because She’s a Woman

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign failed not because of misogyny but because she’s a dishonest, incompetent politician.

Elizabeth Warren Persisted — and Broke the Progressive Cause in the Process

Had Elizabeth Warren dropped out before Super Tuesday, she might have become Bernie Sanders’s vice presidential nominee and the president-in-waiting, given his advanced age. Now she’s just another losing presidential wannabe with the ignominy of getting thrashed in her home state on her résumé.

Will Democrats Choose Safety or Risk?

One story of the Democratic primary race has been the competition between the flight to safety versus the urge to splurge.

Sorry, Deval Patrick and Michael Bloomberg. You’re Not What the Democratic Primary Is Missing.

Establishment Democrats have long thought they could keep control of their party by nodding to the left but governing from the center. But that’s not likely to work in an environment where the left wants to seize control, not merely be acknowledged.

We Need to Get Serious about Putting Our Fiscal House in Order

Though fewer and fewer Americans care to admit it, the country’s long-term deficit and debt problems aren’t going away.

If You’re Scared of Trump’s Foreign Policy, Warren’s Should Terrify You

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s long-awaited plan to pay for her Medicare-for-all proposal will be justly attacked for its unrealistic assumptions regarding how to cut health-care costs and raise new revenue. Even more seriously, however, her plan includes an element that shows she approaches national security issues without sufficient care or thought.

Of Course Elizabeth Warren Would Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

Every country that has a large public-sector health insurance program that covers most citizens pays for it with taxes much higher than Americans are used to paying.

Elizabeth Warren Is Not Honest

For someone who touts herself as a scholar, Elizabeth Warren resorts to anecdotes in a most disingenuous fashion.

Elizabeth Warren Is Gaining Ground. But Her Path to the Nomination Is Harder Than You Think.

Elizabeth Warren has become the flavor du jour in the Democratic presidential race on the back of two strong debate performances. But her polling numbers suggest passing former vice president Joe Biden will be a much harder task.

Elizabeth Warren’s Terrible Plans

One should expect a grown-up to evaluate costs and benefits, to understand tradeoffs, and to pay for what they propose. By that standard, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s big plans fail spectacularly.