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The High-Priced Spread, Revisited

Thanks to a renaissance in Catholic higher education, Catholic parents serious about real education and real formation have options other than so-called “elite” universities.

Revolt of the Somewheres

Our moralizing modern-day aristocrats are at odds with American justice.

The Sting of Meritocracy

The college-admissions scandal is not really about how people get into elite colleges; it’s about how elites behave in our society.

Geography Lessons

Just as the media denies their own biases, other branches of the elite deny the obvious truths surrounding them. One feels something close to despair that the public’s trust in their rulers, official or unofficial, can ever be restored.

Law Schools and Democracy

Recovering the distinct purposes and characters of our different institutions, rather than seeing them all as interchangeable platforms for screaming at each other about the culture war, is the essence of what a renewal of American civic life would require.

What Foreigners Don’t Get About Emmanuel Macron

The French president’s brand of pragmatic centrist politics is really just class-interest-based politics.