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The Democrats’ Voting Rights Bill Is an Assault on Election Integrity

The primary danger of the “For the People Act” lies in its virtual abolition of any safeguards to ensure that a vote represents the true desire of a single, eligible voter.

Courts Can’t Solve Our Gerrymandering Problem. Take It from a Former Gerrymanderer.

Courts are increasingly poised to become more heavily involved in determining what type of gerrymandering is constitutionally permissible. But that’s almost impossible to do without injecting partisan bias into the decision itself.

Conservatives: Think Before You Defend the Electoral College

It is in conservatism’s long-term interest to trade the electoral college for a major reform of our voting system that works for both parties.

The Trump Coalition and the Electoral College

Demographic change means that Republicans and non-progressives must act now if they do not want to cede political control to the Left.

Here the People Rule

Despite its aggressive march forward, populism’s nature and place within American politics has been opaque. Is our current “populist surge” damaging to the American republic or a healthy assertion of sovereignty? Why has the populist response occurred precisely at this moment? What are the factors that have led to it? Will the populist moment continue? Vox Populi: The Perils and Promises of Populism, edited by Roger Kimball, examines these questions.

Badger State Blues

The outcome of Wisconsin’s recent Supreme Court race has reignited talk that November will see a Democratic landslide. The evidence from that race, while good news for Democrats, is more nuanced.

Sights on the Senate

Both polling and historical analysis suggest Republicans could gain seats in the Senate in the 2018 midterm elections even as the party generally suffers a downturn.

Long Weekend at Kamala’s

Supporters of Bernie Sanders are surely sincere in their conviction that superdelegates cost their man the 2016 nomination. But in their rush to make the path straight for his return, they are clearing the path for a progressive with more cross-racial appeal, like Kamala Harris, to push him aside.

The Right to ‘Mobocracy’

Many early Americans thought liberty was inextricably linked with property and thus wanted to restrict the vote to the well-to-do.

A Clarifying Moment for Conservatism

Those on the right who have become Trump defenders have, I think, made a serious error in judgment that is the result of a rather profound misunderstanding of conservatism. You can cherish and champion conservative principles, or you can support and praise Donald Trump. But you can’t do both.