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Faith, Reason, and Catholic Political Engagement

What the Church expects us to do in this and every election is to follow our consciences—but also to form our consciences intelligently, in accord with Christian truth.

Two Universes

In 2020, a mind open to the other side’s point of view—a mind capable of truly understanding that point of view—is rare.

Prudential Voting in Bad Times

What is the thoughtful Catholic voter, who understands that the Church’s social doctrine cannot be confined in any partisan box, to do in this election cycle?

Until We Rest in Him

I’ve been dreading this November for the past year. In half a century of voting, I’ve been worried or frustrated by our public life many times. But 2020 has a unique toxicity, as if the whole nation were heaving, rudderless, on an ocean of poisonous blame.

Deep-Red Montana Could Be Democrats’ Biggest Catch in 2020. Can They Land It?

Democrats think they might have a big fish on the hook in Republican Sen. Steve Daines. Whether they do or if that’s just another whopper might determine control of the U.S. Senate.

Vote by Mail, Just This Once

At a time when we are bitterly divided, deeply distrustful, and facing a pandemic and economic depression, a disputed election might be more stress than we can stand.

Preserve Our Election

Voting in the traditional way requires us to do the very thing that epidemiologists and public-health authorities have forbidden us to do — gather in large groups for prolonged periods. Why not extend voting from one day to seven days?

Why It’s So Important That America’s General Election Occurs on Time

If the coronavirus makes a comeback in mid-September, the prospect for a delayed general election will be squarely on the table. That would be a terrible decision.

Can ‘Reluctant Trump’ Voters Rescue the G.O.P.?

With Democrats winning in normally deep red places like Alabama and Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District, it looks like a blue wave is swelling for the midterm elections. There’s still time for Republicans to change that, but first they must figure out how to mount an effective defense.

What Will November Bring?

In the 2018 midterm elections, the GOP’s best hope lies in coordinating a message in line with what President Trump is likely to do anyway—emphasizing the populist issues that helped fuel his victory.