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Antonin Scalia, Disciple of the Word

Those who had the privilege of knowing Justice Scalia know him as an exemplar of moral courage, a man who strove to put things right, who wouldn’t be lured away or cowed from doing his duty.

Ground Beef

A new book offers a sometimes interesting, sometimes tedious assessment of the legacy of Chief Justice Burger’s Supreme Court.

The Use and Abuse of Originalism

Some libertarians sometimes invite the suspicion that their commitment to originalism is opportunistic—that, for them, originalism is something to be invoked and to be twisted, this way and that, to constitutionalize their policy preferences.

Reclaiming Citizenship

We live in a legal culture besotted by the myth of judicial supremacy. A new book on the Constitution dispels with admirable clarity this and other myths.

Bench Memos Turns Ten

EPPC’s President talks about the Bench Memos blog’s impact on judicial nominations and the wide array of readers who depend on Bench Memos for insightful analysis.

Rand Paul Is Wrong: Judicial Restraint Is Right

Senator Rand Paul makes a bad case in support of “judicial activism.”