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Now Is the Time for Democrats to Stand up to Teachers Unions

The Chicago Teachers Union’s refusal to go back to the classroom is more than a possibly illegal strike. It is another example of unions failing to put the interest of students first.

Conservatives Might Be Seeing the Light on How Government Aid Can Set Workers Up For Success

The recent white paper from the House Republican Study Committee’s American Worker Task Force calls for using public resources to prepare students for a different career path that does not require college at all.

The Yeshiva Case: A Legal Path Forward

Jewish organizations and individuals have a necessary and powerful role to play in America’s ongoing discussions regarding religious liberty. Situations such as the conflict over New York’s yeshivas demonstrate how grave the stakes can be.

American Families Want More School Choice

A new survey of likely voters in five key swing states found that respondents, especially nonwhite Americans, tend to favor expanded school-choice options.

How to Take Back American History

Our schools have buried the glory and beauty of America’s story under a mountain of misplaced guilt and tendentious ideology.

It’s Time for a Federal Voucher Program

A battle over COVID-19 relief money highlights just what is broken about how we fund education.

Lessons from the Renaissance: A Case for the Teaching of Classical Virtue

Renaissance education reform is in many respects the ancestor of a current education-reform movement in American that has been growing since the early 1980s. Like the Renaissance reformers, classical educators today introduce their students to classical virtue and classical authors. Today’s classical educators do not view their approach as an exercise in antiquarianism but rather as necessary for a life fully lived.

Common Core Has Failed. Now What?

In the midst of the pandemic, with the country’s attention riveted elsewhere, something of great potential consequence for American K-12 education has just happened. Years from now we might look back on this moment as a turning point: the true beginning-of-the-end for Common Core.

Classical Schools in Modern America

By rediscovering and dusting off ancient forms and ideals of education and at the same time utilizing decidedly modern associational forms, classical education schools have become some of the most successful and thriving educational options in America.

The Bus Back to the Future

It seemed a little odd that Kamala Harris brought up the long-ago subject of busing during a 2019 Democratic debate. Presidential candidates usually wish to deal in new ideas. Busing is a period piece.