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A Reckoning With Martin Luther King

A country without heroes becomes either savage or monstrously petty, and dull and mean.

The Vocation of Law

The moral and cultural foundations of our republic need not just shoring up but deep and fundamental renewal. That is a task for generations, but it must begin now, as new graduates take up their vocations.

A Gift of Grace to the United States

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a gift of grace to the United States—a country that may have been unworthy of the gift, or else unable to understand it.

Persuasive Disciples, Not Anarchic Disrupters

In today’s deeply divided America, the public debate is too often being framed by those who substitute invective for argument while demonstrating a visceral contempt for normal democratic political and legal process.

MLK and the American Founding

Among his great contributions was that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. saw great injustice and sought to confront it within the American political tradition.