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Dear GOP: Move on From Trump Without Repudiating His Voters

Yes, the GOP needs a new leader. Yet the way to move on from Trump is to move on from Trump, instead of keeping the political world revolving around him.

Mark Zuckerberg Must Decide the Fate of Trump’s Facebook Account. He Should Turn to the First Amendment.

The decision by Facebook’s Oversight Board to uphold the company’s restrictions on Donald Trump’s social media accounts in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was the right call — not because Trump should be banned from the social media platform, but because in making its decision, the board has pushed the decision back to the company to set actual standards for suspending accounts. The company should use that opportunity to create a robust, pro-free speech policy that expressly incorporates First Amendment principles.

The Amazing, Horrifying Age of Exaggeration

Hyperbole was more fun in Mencken’s age. Today it’s become ugly and fanatical, a weapon in a holy war.

Donald Trump Ruined Conservatism. Don’t Let Him Ruin Patriotism.

The president discredits everything he touches. His poisonous form of patriotism is a danger to our civic health.

Evangelicals Made a Bad Bargain With Trump

If evangelical supporters of Trump are honest, they should admit—at least to themselves, if not to the rest of the world—that something has gone terribly amiss and that the power they have achieved is coming at the expense of the faith they proclaim.

Now Comes the Reckoning

The issue on which the president is most vulnerable, and that he has done everything in his power to obscure—the pandemic—is now, because of his own illness, front and center in the presidential campaign.

How to Win a Debate With a Bully

Joe Biden should simply name what is true and what most Americans intuit about the president: He is a terribly broken man.

What a Senate Acquittal in an Impeachment Trial Will Mean

If, as seems all but certain, President Trump is not removed by the Senate, the standard about what is impeachable conduct will have been ratcheted higher.

On Being Too Nice in Politics

Mitt Romney’s declaration of independence from Donald Trump as he takes his seat in the U.S. Senate has been illuminating — more for the responses than the op-ed itself.

I’m Glad I Got Booed at CPAC

What happened to me at CPAC is the perfect illustration of the collective experience of a whole swath of conservatives since Donald Trump became the Republican nominee. We built and organized this party — but now we’re made to feel like interlopers.