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An Opening for a Party of Reality

Republicans and Democrats alike encourage victimhood. We need a party that will address the true problems we face.

Trump Wants a Witch Hunt. Are Democrats About to Give It to Him?

President Trump has long portrayed the Mueller investigation and efforts to remove him from office as a political witch hunt. The best thing that could happen to him is for House Democrats to try to impeach him based on evidence that American swing voters find unconvincing.

The Midterm Confidence Spiral

The results of the midterms were hardly signs of a coming political revolution, and they don’t even put this election on the level of the 2010 recoil from the Obama Administration’s first two years. But within the important swing block of suburban voters, which both parties need to attract if they are to build and sustain durable coalitions, the Democrats did significantly better than they first appeared to on election night.

Memo to Democrats: Upholding Norms Is a Two-Way Street

At the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Senate Democrats have undermined the decency they claim to uphold.

Badger State Blues

The outcome of Wisconsin’s recent Supreme Court race has reignited talk that November will see a Democratic landslide. The evidence from that race, while good news for Democrats, is more nuanced.

The Democrats’ Stance on Immigration Will Lead to Electoral Disaster

Democrats are either unwilling to see the truth or unable to acknowledge it: They cannot win back the presidency without attracting people who disagree with some of their views.

How the GOP Can Outmaneuver Dems on Higher-Ed Reform

The deeper problem with higher education today is that the system Democrats have put in place steers benefits to those who don’t need them while leaving many others with no good options.

Some Uncomfortable Questions for Democratic Candidates

Any Republican who imagined that the sickening double standard that the press applies to Democrats and Republicans would have been sated by six years of genuflection to Obama should now be fully awake.

The Submerging Democratic Majority

If Republicans want to take hold of an “emerging Republican advantage” in future elections, they must present a positive image of the party that incorporates healthy respect for private initiative with an eagerness to make government work for the average person and the struggling person.