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Republicans Won an Election in a Heavily Latino Texas City. Democrats Should Be Nervous.

Democrats are goners throughout the Southwest if Republicans can ever seriously compete for Hispanic voters.

How Dems Will Push Protest Civics and CRT on Schools

The national rebellion against Critical Race Theory, leftist indoctrination, and enforced political activism in our schools grows larger every day. Sadly, the current assault on K-12 is but a foretaste of what is to come. President Biden and congressional Democrats are pulling out the stops to force Critical Race Theory (CRT) and “action civics” (better called “protest civics,” because it trains students to be leftist protesters) onto every school in the country.

The Left-Wing Divide on Israel-Palestine is Going to Be a Problem for Joe Biden

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas shows how difficult, if not impossible, it will be to settle the dispute. It also puts a spotlight on how difficult it will be for President Biden to navigate the issue within his own party.

Britain’s Labour Party Just Collapsed in Blue-Collar England. Democrats Should Consider Themselves Warned.

Political trends in the United States and Britain have mirrored one another for decades, so the Labour Party’s stunning collapse across blue-collar England in last Thursday’s local elections is a clear warning sign for President Biden and Democrats. A full analysis gives Democrats signs of hope but also shows how difficult it will be to build a durable Democratic coalition.

Now Is the Time for Democrats to Stand up to Teachers Unions

The Chicago Teachers Union’s refusal to go back to the classroom is more than a possibly illegal strike. It is another example of unions failing to put the interest of students first.

Why the Democratic Convention Ignored Abortion

Biden–Harris is the most pro-abortion ticket in history — and the Democratic Party is out of step with its own voters.

Conventional Wisdom

Quadrennial political carnivals have been outdated for at least 60 years.

Pro-Life Democrats Ask the DNC to Moderate on Abortion

Given Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s radically pro-abortion views, Democrats are unlikely to change the party platform.

Democrats Are Trying to Appease Left-Wing Revolutionaries. It Won’t Work.

President Trump’s unpopularity looks like it will give the Democrats a resounding win this fall. That only delays, however, the coming confrontation between a left that wants systemic change and a center-left that wants reform.

Biden and Dems Are Set to Abolish the Suburbs

Joe Biden and his party have embraced yet another dream of the radical Left: a federal takeover, transformation, and de facto urbanization of America’s suburbs. What’s more, Biden just might be able to pull off this “fundamental transformation.”