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Constitutionalism for Realists

The 2016 election results have swelled the ranks of those convinced that our democracy is a sham, particularly on the left. But what if our constitution-bound democratic republicanism is not the problem but the solution—not a romantic delusion but the epitome of realism?

National Borders are the Only Sure Guardians of Democracy. The EU Ignores Them at its Peril.

It is only when people define their loyalty in territorial and national terms that differences of religion, class and ideology can be put aside and an elected government accepted by everyone, including the many who did not vote for it.

Europe is Under Threat

A Europe unwilling or unable to give an account of why its idea of the human person and human community is superior to others on offer in the 21st-century world is unlikely to be able to defend itself against external threats, or to cope with those once-external threats that have become internal threats.

Is Faith the Missing Ingredient that Can Make Western Democracy Work?

No matter how well-designed the machinery, democracy will become brittle, and may ultimately crack and fail, if it is not sustained by a citizenry steeped in certain virtues: men and women committed to the dignity of the human person as the first principle of just governance and dedicated to the pursuit of the common good.