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Trump’s Budget Proposal Shows How Badly We Need Bipartisan Compromise

Bringing the deficit down can only come about through a bipartisan deal that puts both tax hikes and spending cuts on the table.

We Need to Get Serious about Putting Our Fiscal House in Order

Though fewer and fewer Americans care to admit it, the country’s long-term deficit and debt problems aren’t going away.

Republicans Are Howling About Government Spending yet Again. Here’s What They Get Wrong.

The Republican Party needs to show it understands what voters want by proposing a serious deficit-reduction package that includes tax increases on those who can afford it, in addition to a package of spending cuts. Ten years after Simpson-Bowles foundered, a new bipartisan compromise could achieve what a decade of futile gesturing has not: reduced deficits and moderate growth in government spending.

The Entitlement Crisis Is Looming

President Trump has put an end to the fighting over entitlement reform by simply refusing to face the problem altogether, in effect denying that any solution is needed at all. He has taken the Democrats’ denial a step further, and Republicans have been all too willing to follow his lead.

Remember the Deficit?

A new Congressional Budget Office report nicely summarizes what should be obvious to all: the Republican Congress and president do not seem to care about deficits or debt, and are not only failing to take steps to address the government’s poor fiscal situation but are taking steps likely to worsen it some.