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Identity and Assimilation

Assimilation has proven so difficult lately not because American culture is too cohesive and self-confident but because it has lost the capacity to tell its own story coherently.

The Age of Travesties

The violence, pornography, and squalid politics of America in 2018 are an indictment of what we have become, and what we have come to tolerate.

Is High Culture a Luxury, or a Necessity?

From fine art to music, enjoying high culture has largely been seen as a reserve for leisure time – but in truth, it’s an essential element of everyday life.

America’s Shakespeare

For Americans, Shakespeare has been a figure of particular reverence, yearning, and vexation. He has stood for the time-honored refinements of civilization that Americans, as late starters, have not yet had time to nourish into full flower. But he has also been the paragon whom stout-hearted democrats believe themselves destined to surpass.

A Gorilla ‘Tragedy’

Treating animals like people creates moral confusion.

Biblical Preaching and Healing the Culture

If Catholics in the United States are going to be healers of our wounded culture, we’re going to have to learn to see the world through lenses ground by biblical faith.

What Government Can’t Do

Our political crises are to a very considerable degree downstream of our cultural ones.

Living with a Mind

I learned at school that imagination is essential to a well-nourished intellect, and that thinking divorced from any kind of artistic appreciation is at risk of losing its subject matter.

What’s Wrong with the Humanities?

The humanities are declining because too many humanities scholars are alienating students and the public with their opacity, triviality, and irrelevance.

Breaking the Bonds of the Past

Hiram Powers’s ‘The Greek Slave’ helped shape American arts, politics and taste.