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We’re Facing a Massive Spike in Violent Crime. Democrats Can’t Take It Lightly.

Democratic House impeachment managers are rightly focusing the nation’s attention on the horrific violence that occurred at the Capitol on Jan. 6. After the trial is over, lawmakers should also focus on the horrific spike in crime that occurred nationwide last year.

The American Art of Murder

It would appear our vulnerabilities as a people are laid most bare in the tales we tell about murder, and the evolution of our best-drawn fictional murderers may have much to tell us about the direction in which American life is headed.

Remove Children from Sex-Offender Registries

There are good reasons to reconsider some aspects of the 1994 Crime Bill, because we’ve had a chance to see the unintended consequences.

Anecdotes and Stereotypes Shouldn’t Dictate Our Immigration Policy

Most ICE agents doubtless follow the law and shouldn’t be tarred by the bad acts of a few. The same can be said of immigrants.

Pursuing the Truth Requires Modesty about Ourselves

Truth is not subjective. But we should be modest about our grasp of the truth, mindful of our limited understanding and our own tendency to reach conclusions first and find evidence second.

Good, Bad, and Emotional Arguments about Immigration

The attempt to tar all immigrants as violent criminals — or to let emotional appeals dictate policy — is exactly what fair-minded admirers of Judge Gorsuch will resist.

O.J. and Us

The “trial of the century” was really a reflection of America’s sins.

Unlock ‘Em Up?

Many on both sides of the political spectrum are eager to leap aboard the “de-incarceration” bandwagon, but if “unlock ’em up” becomes the new conventional wisdom, more innocent people will suffer and more businesses will flee.

Police Lives Matter

President Obama weighed in on the shootings of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and others, but why hasn’t he said anything about the slayings of Officers Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate?

Plague Days in Baltimore

The results of several generations of anarchy ushered in by the Sexual Revolution have been on display in Baltimore this past week.